Reiki Treatments


Due to COVID-19, all in-person Reiki Sessions have been discontinued.

Distance Sessions will be conducted Zoom or by phone.
Distance treatments are just as effective as in-person!  Each session is
45 minutes in length and includes a guided meditation. 

$100 per session
Stay home, stay well, stay safe.  

When in-person sessions resume:

60 minute treatment:  $140
​90 minute treatment:  $180

A longer Reiki Treatment is recommended for first time treatments or for clients with specific health concerns.

Reiki Healing Sessions

What is REIKI? Reiki (Ray-Kee) is a Japanese technique for stress relief and relaxation that boosts the immune system and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The technique was developed in Japan and is administered by the laying on of hands.  It is based on the idea that all living things have a special energy flowing through them called life energy. When your life energy is high, you’ll feel strong and confident, more relaxed and centered, and less likely to get sick. When it is low, you’ll often feel tired, and more easily affected by stress and less resistant to illness.

Healing often takes place and people have reported recovery from minor issues, but also major illnesses have been affected with such as heart disease, cancer, leukemia, etc.  While almost everyone experiences relaxation and improvements of various kinds, healing results cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended that if one has an illness or other medical or psychological condition that in addition to getting Reiki treatments, clients also consult a licensed physician or other licensed health care professional as Reiki works well in conjunction with all medical or psychological care.

A Reiki treatment is a deeply relaxing experience. You remain fully clothed, covered with a blanket (or light sheet if you prefer). Lying on your back, the Practitioner will place their hands a few inches above your body (i.e., top of your head, forehead, neck, shoulders, chest, tummy, arms, legs, etc). You may feel tingling or sleepiness as energy blocks are removed and energy flow improves. Calming music is played throughout the treatment. Most clients experience a sense of calm, similar to deep meditation, and many fall asleep.

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